Irmgard's Family // Camps Bay Beach

Irmgard's Family // Camps Bay Beach

21 May 2018

Irmgard and her husband, children and their partners are some of the warmest and most lovely people I've had the priviledge of meeting. They are from The Netherlands and came to Cape Town for a holiday in March. Her daughter, Joy, contacted me before the time as an idea to do the shoot as a gift for their mother's 50th birthday.

I met them on what must have been the windiest day of the year in Camps Bay. We struggled with the wind and then found a fabulous cave which had the most beautiful and interesting light.. and somehow wind always adds some beautiful movement despite it being relentless and very sandy.

They came back to my studio 2 days later to select their images and after much deliberation, decided to print an album of their photos as a beautiful keepsake to always remember their time in Cape Town.

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