Lara and Baby Ryder

Lara and Baby Ryder

31 August 2013

I did a maternity shoot with Lara a few months back when little Ryder was a neat little bump. When she asked me if I would come to the hospital soon after her baby's birth to take some shots, I thought it would be a great idea. I personally have very few images of my babies during this time and there is something so precious about the first few days after birth. Lara sent me some images that she loved from some other shoots and I was really excited at the prospect of doing a shoot in hospital with a baby so brand new.

As with so many other things in life, the reality is always completely different to what you have in mind. When I arrived at the hospital on a cold and rainy Cape Town winter's day, Lara was in huge pain from a brutal Caesar op, she hadn't slept in 48 hours and little Ryder was unsettled as he was struggling to feed due to a tongue-tie. The last thing she really wanted was photos being taken.

But I stayed to take some shots anyway, so aware of the vulnerability of a mother to a new baby who is completely different from any other baby; the combined wonder and terror of getting to know a new little creature and sustain and nurture it relentlessly - all while your own body has been ripped to pieces.

Thank you Lara for allowing me into this sacred space and for letting me stay with you for a little while and observing your beautiful mother-heart.

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