Hayley, Duncan and Baby Dylan

Hayley, Duncan and Baby Dylan

05 November 2015

Little Dylan was born after just 27 weeks inutero and weighed just 480 grams at birth. Hayley and Duncan spent the first few months of his life traipsing in and out of NICU. 

There was no time to do a maternity shoot or any of the 'usual' things that first-time-moms get to do when preparing for the arrival of their baby and so Hayley commented that this shoot felt like the first little step of normality in terms of becoming a mother.

Dylan is super-cute with huge and beautifully curious eyes and Hayley and Duncan are such besotted parents. 


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  • 18 November 2015 at 08:50

    Loraine - Beautiful pictures, will be nice memories ;)
    Thanks for sharing and keep enjoying your family

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